Laird Performance are a Scottish based performance parts and tuning supplier, we specialise mainly in the Ford Ecoboost range building some of the Fastest modern Ford Ecoboosts in the country.

We focus mainly on building cars for the 1/4 mile combining what we believe to be the perfect power modifications and mapping for these cars!

Where did we start?

We started working originally on the Fiesta ST180 with the aim to build the U.K's fastest 1/4 Fiesta ST, making use of hybrid turbo technology, Maxd Out mapping our Hardware options, we have managed to Build the fastest Daily Driven Fiesta ST180.

The car went on to run a 12.83 second 1/4 mile and took the record, the fastest trap speed we have managed with the car is 116.9mph. Since then we have pushed the time to as low as 12.63 second and all of this with only 348BHP LP3R package.
Since the build of this car it has went on to win awards such as Ultimate Scottish Street Car fastest 1600cc Turbo.

What is our aim.
Our aim is to continue to build the fastest 1/4 Ecoboost machines, we are constantly developing our kits and our Outlaw Hardware brand to ensure we are ahead of the game!

We believe we are "The winners choice". 
Choose Laird Performance!