Laird Performance are a Glasgow based performance parts and tuning supplier, we specialise mainly in the Ford Ecoboost range building some of the Fastest modern Ford Ecoboosts in the world.

We focus mainly on building cars for the street however specialise in 1/4 mile drag racing, combining what we believe to be the perfect power modifications and mapping for these cars!

Where did we start?

We started working originally on our own Fiesta ST180, the car was mainly going to be used for show purposes with a simple bolt on small hybrid turbo and some other hand selected parts that we deemed would be best for the car at the time, as time progressed and the car was built it ran a solid 305BHP 255FTLB which years ago was considered pretty fast, hower most people questioned the torque output as it was lower than others, the idea we had was to try and avoid breaking traction at low rpm and put the power down better than most other people and pull strong towards the top end.

The car then had alot of people asking to race it at Crail raceway so we decided to do just that, the car then went on to win multiple 1/4 mile races and people started to ask where to get the parts, tuning and set up done, and so Laird Performance was born. 

Not long after we started to step up the power of the car aiming to take UK Records for the Fiesta ST180 platform, so we specked it with a larger hybrid turbo, The car went on to run a 12.83 second 1/4 mile and took the record, as time went on we introduced our own brands such as outlaw, we even started to write our own tuning software, which now holds the 1/4 mile world record for the ST180 being 10.62 seconds @ 132MPH!! 

Laird Performance now supply parts and tuning to Ecoboost vehicles all over the world, all developed in house in our R&D Facility in Scotland. 

What is our aim.
Our aim is to continue to build the fastest Ecoboost machines worldwide and provide a top tier customer service.

we are constantly developing our kits and our Outlaw Hardware brand to ensure we are ahead of the game!

We believe we are "The winners choice". 
Choose Laird Performance!