Outlaw Intercoolers

Fiesta MK8 Outlaw stage 3 intercooler

Fiesta MK8 Outlaw stage 3 intercooler

Finally after months of testing we bring the Outlaw stage 3 Intercooler to the market for the Fiesta MK8 1.0 Ecoboost.

Utilising a single pass design, Laird Performance have brought an Intercooler which doesnt add noticeable lag but will provide excellent cooling for the Fiesta mk8. We noticed in testing with the mk7 ecoboost it was very easy to make the car feel laggy with an obnoxiously large Intercooler, the small turbo would simply struggle to fill it, big Intercoolers which look great can in some cases hinder performance, this coupled with insufficient air flow to the radiator led us to this final design of which we deemed to be the best.

Proved to handle over 178bhp we can assure this Intercooler will not only provide optimal cooling but will allow sufficient air flow to the radiator making sure the temps are kept in check!

Laird Performance.
The winners choice.