Oil and octane boosters

Millers Oils 5w30 Premium Oil with Nanodrive technology (Recommended)

Millers Oils 5w30 Premium Oil with Nanodrive technology (Recommended)

At Laird Performance we pride ourselfs in offering the best parts and tuning for the modern ford market, with more power comes more demand from components, with more demand comes the need for better parts, but ultimately most people forget main parts like the Oil, using low quality oils has been proved to decrease the efficiency of the engine resulting in a loss of horsepower and increase wear on internal components. We at Laird Performance have spent many trials looking for the best possible solution and we have settled on an Answer.

Millers Oils 5W30 EE longlife with Nanodrive technology is the ultimate solution for the tuned Fiesta owner.


Nanodrive majoring reduces friction which in turn reduces cam follower wear and allows the engine to move freely creating more efficient moving and allowing for maximum power output!!