Outlaw Intercoolers

Outlaw 5triple1 Racing intercooler (450bhp rated) on back order!!

Outlaw 5triple1 Racing intercooler (450bhp rated) on back order!!

New from Laird Performance

- Swept Cast end tanks
- Heavy Duty bar and plate core for maximum cooling
- rated for 450BHP (actual testing 4 degree rise on a ST180 making 437BHP)
- Mid height design to allow unrestricted airflow to the radiator 

The LP Outlaw 5Triple1 racing intercooler, the perfect cooling solution for a big power ST180, Utilising a twin step design which uses surface area cooling to achieve lower charge temps, but keeps coolant temps in mind leaving clear passage for air to the radiator, this cooler has been designed with our spec of heavy duty bar and plate core to maximise the cooling potential, swept end tanks to guide air into the core efficiently and smoothly, machined grips on the tanks to assure good grip for boost hoses. 

This intercooler has been thoroughly tested to punishing levels of boost to make sure it is capable with staggering results showing it doesn't heatsoak easily and recovers at a good rate! During testing on the dyno we noticed a 4 degree rise in temps over ambient, on the drag strip we noticed 7 degree rise in temps over ambient while using a turbo at its maximum output generating as much heat as we could!

This is the ultimate ST180 intercooler